Basic Information

Infocycle aims at addressing the problem caused by the environmentally unsound WEEE management by all stakeholders, informing them about the harmful impacts arising, as well as training them on the sound WEEE management in the Regions of Thessaly and Epirus. To achieve this objective, informative actions and training activities will be implemented. More precisely, a Roadshow will be held, during which on-site collection of WEEE will take place and an exhibition area, which simulates sites of a treatment plant will be set. The Roadshow will be promoted through a series of local campaigns addressed to the public of the towns involved and will communicate the main idea of the Project. Each local campaign will include radio, on-line communication, as well as publicity activities. Furthermore, training activities will include day-long workshops held for informing all stakeholders involved in the WEEE management chain and on-site training of the associated beneficiaries.

Project Title: Development of communication and training campaign for the recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE).

Implementation Period: July 2014 - June 2016 (2 years)

Coordinating Beneficiary: APPLIANCES RECYCLING S.A.

Associated Beneficiaries: TERRA NOVA Ltd Environmental Engineering Consultancy, XYZ PRODUCTIONS

The “Infocycle” project (LIFE13 INF/GR/001342) is 50% co-funded by the European LIFE + Information and Communication program:

Total budget: 739.875 Euros

EU contribution: 369.937 Euros